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  • What's the idea here?

    Humans Kill Zombies.
    Zombies Kill Humans.
    Everyone kills gameshow hosts.

  • What if I die or am killed?

    No big deal, you get sent back to your safe zone. Way back there. Nyah.

  • How do I heal?

    Click "REST" from the main screen. It costs one turn.

  • What are clans?

    Joining a clan is the best way to enjoy Brainchef. Clan-mates give eachother tips, share recon, plan raids together, and HELP EACHOTHER GET KILLS. To join a clan you must be invited by the leader of the clan. The leader is the player at the very top of the list on each clan page, so send them a zmail asking for an invite.

  • Will I ever catch up to the highest level player?

    Yes! The entire game resets resets on 4th of every month. Everyone starts over from zero. Brainchef is like a land of equal opportunity.

  • What are turns?

    Most actions in this game, such as moving or resting, cost one turn.
    You get turns four times an hour, at 1, 16, 31 and 46 past the hour. Unless you live in a different timezone like England where you get them, no, you still get them at the same time.
    Turns accumulate up to a maximum of 180. So it's a good idea to log in about twice a day, use all your turns (should take about ten minutes), then log off and go about your business. Your turns will build up overnight, then you can log back in the next day and play again.

  • I really want more turns. How can I get more?

    There are a few ways to get extra turns, such as confirming your email, or refering your friends.

    There are "stovetops" in designated spots. Any player standing next to one gets extra turns every six minutes. There is usually a lot of fighting over who controls the stove, unless players band together and declare a "Peace Stove-pipe" A rare occurrence where humans and zombies sit in a circle and sing songs around the fire. Everyone soaks up the extra turns as long as no rogue player breaks the peace treaty with a grenade.

    At random (about ten times a day on average) all players who are anywhere except the Outskirts or Cemetery will instantly gain a few extra "bravery turns" up to the maximum.

    Players have the option of donating money to support the game. All donators receive items that can be used whenever they want to gain a few extra turns.

  • How do I get out of the Newbie Arena?

    Kill two other players.

  • How do I get out of the Proving Grounds?

    Kill three more players.

  • What is the difference between "players" and "monsters"?

    Monsters are NPCs, they are controlled by the game and are a good way to build up experience. Some monsters drop weapons, gold or other goodies.
    Every player is controlled by another human somewhere on the internet. Other players are easy to see on the map. Your allies will have a white border. Your foes will have a green border.

  • Wait, you said weapons. I want weapons!

    Good for you! Weapons always make things easier. Certian monsters drop weapons like night sticks and deadly Swingline staplers. As you collect gold you'll be able to afford better weapons in the weapons shop. Brass knuckles, a baseball bat, or even a magical chainsaw +2 are all within your grasp... for the right price.

  • So I use gold at the weapon shop?

    Yes. Explore the map, you will eventually find weapon shops that take gold.  

  • Where can I find a weapon shop?

    If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

    This faq leaves many questions unanswered. The game is designed to be played for four weeks, so don't expect to know everything on the first day or two.

  • I see an enemy with a green border!

    If you walk into the same square as an enemy player they will block you from moving forward. Fight them or move back.

  • How do I fight other players?

    Stand in the same square as an enemy player. Click "Attack" and let the fight unfold. The fight ends, and it's like the end of a round; you can rest, change weapons, eat an apple, call your mother... whatever. Fight some more, until one of you is dead. **HINT** You should prefer it to be them.

  • Can I team up with other players?

    Yes! All humans and all zombies in the same square are automatically grouped together in a "pile". Being in a large pile is usually safer than being out alone, because the players in a pile automatically attack and defend together. So if you see a group of white boxes standing together, that's a good place to spend the night.

  • What are Portals?

    Portals are doorways between different regions of the game. Stand next to a portal and click it to enter a new region.

  • What is a Cloak for?

    Kill a Ninja and he might drop a cloak. Cloaks are rare items that allow you to hide. Use a cloak from your inventory. Once you use a cloak your character becomes invisible to other players (your icon is removed from the map) You will remain invisible until you move or attack another player. Cloaks are a great way to hide deep in enemy territory overnight while you build up turns. Each cloak can be used only *once* so save it until you are in a good position.

  • Is there any way to attack a cloaked player?

    Yes but it's not easy. If you think you know exactly where an enemy player is cloaked, stand in that square and "search" for them from their profile screen. If they are indeed cloaked in that square you will have the option to attack.

  • What is a "death cloak"

    If you are killed by another player and spawn in Chicago, you will be "death cloaked" until you move. Players who are death cloaked cannot be found by searching. You must be killed by another player to be "death cloaked".

  • What about grenades?

    Grenades are powerful single use weapons given as a thank you to donators. Grenades deal a random amount of damage to every enemy in your square, they are the only way to attack an entire pile at once. Because of the random damage they do, grenades are best used against large piles of opponents.
    To use a grenade, stand in the same square as your target pile and pull the pin from your inventory screen. Using a grenade can look like this.

  • Are there other items in the game?

    Yes. Explore and find out.

  • What are the Human stats?
    • Brains (beats brawn)
    • Nerve (beats spook)
    • Strength (beats sneak)
  • What are the Zombie stats?
    • Spook (beats brains)
    • Sneak (beats nerve)
    • Brawn (beats human strength)

  • What are stats anyway?

    Each player has three stats. You can select which stat you use from your profile screen.
    Whichever stat you use the most will increase the most.

    The stat you select (not your level) is used to calculate Player vs Player fights.
    Using a "strategic" stat (such as brains vs brawn) can make a huge difference

    The different stats can make teamwork essential. For example, say you are a human with a high Brains and low Strength. You see an enemy pile of two zombies, one of whom has high Spook and the other has high Brawn, you could probably take out the Brawny one but get slaughtered by the Spooky one. So you would do well to team up with a clanmate who has a high Nerve. Then you can attack the zombie with high brawn and your mate can attack the zombie with high spook.

  • I was exiled to the Multiverse? WTF is that?

    Ahh, the multiverse. That means you have 2 or more characters, you sly dog you. You are free to have multiple characters in this game, but they can't all be in Oakland. That way you can't cheat and just set your one guy somewhere, then send the other guy to kill him. So, when you create another character, the game sends the lower level one to an alternate dimension.

    In the Proving Grounds at the very top of the screen (above the words "Proving Grounds") there is a link to exile yourself. You are allowed to make multies, but are not allowed to have two accounts active in the main game. If you have two characters acvtie in the main game without exiling yourself, both characters can be sent to the infamous Multiverse.

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